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Over 70% of boaters own a powerboat under 25ft. These popular boats range from specific watersport boats like wakeboarding and waterskiing to recreational and overnight versions. Day use powerboats are designed with functionality and large space for entertaining. These include runabouts which allow all deckspace to be used. Overnight or commonly called cuddy cabins and cabin cruisers, are more functional for extented or overnight use since they include sleeping quarters and a head or bathroom. Jet boats offer advantages in shallow lakes where getting to shore is prohibited by the outboard motor. Since the power is generated by bringing outside water into the boat and propelling it out the back via a jet stream, these boats are not only fast but can cruise in water of less than a foot. Most jetboats are under 15ft in length and only offer space for up to 5 passengers. Most boats under 25ft can be trailered easily by most SUV's. Powerboats under 25ft typically only have one engine, either powered by an outboard or inboard motor. As you get closer to 25ft size, the option to add another motor increases and so does the cost. There are over 100 manufacturers of powerboats under 25ft. Listed below are the top manufacturers of smaller power boats.

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